MacPractice, a developer of Mac OS and iOS native software for doctors for use on Macs, iPads and iPhones, has released the 64-bit MacPractice 4.4 to all new purchasers of MacPractice MD, DDS, DC and 20/20.

Among other the new capabilities of 4.4, MacPractice is introducing Time Clock, and Inventory tracking. Inventory works with bar code readers and integrates with the practice’s fee schedules and patient ledgers. MacPractice 4.4 provides doctors with new revenue cycle management tools, enhanced insurance verification, supplementary Internet backup, more digital imaging integrations, new third party cloud EMR/EHR options, and expanded Internet connectivity for providers as well as their patients.
MacPractice 4.4 requires Mac OS 10.8 and interoperates with MacPractice Patient Check In, MacPractice Clipboard and MacPractice iEHR apps for iPad and MacPractice Interface for iPhone. For more info go to .