Appatit has revved Zoom It ( for Mac OS X to version 1.2. It’s an utility that allows users to view their Mac’s screen through a virtual magnifying glass.The new release provides a performance boost, an easily-identifiable black and white icon on the task bar, Retina display support, a loupe-size indicator in the drop-down menu, and the ability to hide the loupe when saving a screenshot, in addition to some minor bug fixes.

Designed especially for artists, designers, engineers, photographers, presenters, project collaborators, laptop users, and those who wear corrective lenses, Zoom It is a Menu item. The app’s virtual loupe can magnify from 5-45% of the screen up to 5x.

The on-screen magnifier in Zoom It is always available to provide a closer look at whatever the user is doing on his/her Mac. The magnifier, with a circular or rectangular shape, can be accessed through keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, the app’s magnifying glass icon in the Menu Bar can open to display a drop-down menu of commands and preferences. Users maintain the ability to click, type, or select inside the magnified area.

Zoom It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later and costs US$2.99. It’s available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category.