JAMF Software — developers of the Casper Suite, a collection of client management applications for Mac OS X computers and iOS mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones — has announced an update to introduce additional enterprise management and security capabilities and ensure compatibility with iOS 7.
In fact, it features same day support for iOS 7. The latest version of the Casper Suite also introduces new enterprise management capabilities, leveraging technologies introduced in iOS 7.
“Many of our customers have thousands of iPads and iPhones arriving on their networks as a result of Apple’s constantly growing success with enterprise deployments,” says Jason Wudi, Chief Cultural Officer at JAMF Software. “With Casper Suite 9.1, we’re pleased to once again release on the same day that Apple releases iOS 7. Casper Suite administrators can support and manage devices running iOS 7, and begin taking advantage of these important new enterprise management capabilities today.”

Version 9.1 of the Casper Suite is available as a free upgrade for all customers with up-to-date support and license agreements. For additional information about iOS 7 management capabilities in the Casper Suite, please visit the JAMF Software website (http://tinyurl.com/k33jl6g).