DistributorX (www.distributorx.com) has released Enfocus PitStop 12. PitStop Pro 12 and PitStop Server 12. They include new editing tools that let users edit and correct images and blends without having to leave PitStop Pro and go into an external editor. Once changes are made to images, users can immediately preview the results.

PitStop Pro 12 can even edit images that can’t easily be edited in any other way, such as those that include spot color, duotone, tritone and other Device-N color spaces. Image adjustments can be applied to single images, multiple images, or all images within a PDF file. Edits to image color curves can be recorded as Actions and can be used for automatic correction. Unsharp Masking and Brightness/Contrast are also available as Actions for automatic adjustment of images. These Actions can be incorporated into Action Lists and can be used in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server.

The new PitStop Server 12 now uses the industry standard Adobe transparency flattening engine. This ensures consistency with flattening performed externally in Adobe Creative Suite(R) or APPE pre-press workflows. It also benefits from the extended image enhancement features of PitStop Pro 12. The new PitStop Server 12 is supplied with two new automatic image enhancement Actions: Brightness/Contrast and Unsharp Masking. It can also use recorded image curve editing Actions from PitStop Pro.

Both Mac OS X and Windows versions of PitStop Server 12 are now fully 64-bit enabled, which allow them access to the maximum amount of RAM available on the processing platform. This is important for faster processing of very large or complex PDF files. Both PitStop Pro and Server 12 gain Brazilian Portuguese as an additional language option. This is available in both the menus and the Preflight Reports.