Wacom has introduced a new line of Bamboo styli. Bamboo Stylus solo and Bamboo Stylus duo are second-generation, improved versions of the range of digital styli first introduced in 2011.

The Bamboo Stylus solo is a stylus for touchscreen devices like the iPad. A protective cap for the rubber nib has been added to the new version. The Bamboo Stylus duo is a two-in-one solution offering both a stylus for touchscreens and a ballpoint pen for paper use.

Both versions come in a range of colors, which add a touch of fun and flair to everyone’s tablet or smartphone. The pen-on-tablet experience of the new styli is improved by a now even slimmer rubber nib (5 mm) for the solo and duo, says Rick Peterson, director of consumer products for Wacom Americas.

The second-generation Bamboo Stylus solo (US$19) and Bamboo Stylus duo ($29) will be available in October at select retail locations and through Wacom’s eStore. 

Wacom has also introduced the Bamboo Pad for adding navigation gestures as well as drawing and handwriting capabilities to a Mac or PC. On Macs (OS X 10.7 or later) a driver has to be installed which can be downloaded from the Wacom support website. 
Bamboo Pad wireless ($79) and wired ($49) models are intended to be available the latter half of this month or the beginning of October at select retail locations and Wacom’s eStore. Users can choose from four designs. Visit www.wacom.com for more details.