Paradigma Software ( has announced the release of database and reports tool Valentina Studio 5.4 and the enterprise reports and database server Valentina Server 5.4 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The new release includes over 50 new features, fixes and improvements in both the free Valentina Studio and the not-free Valentina Studio Pro.

New Valentina Studio 5.4 features include:

° The Data Editor was rewritten to work with huge tables containing millions of records;

° There are performance improvements with MySQL Servers serving large numbers of databases;

° The ability to set LIMIT and OFFSET in Query Builder;

° The ability to save and load queries for sharing with other Valentina Studio users;

° The ability to work with self recursive tables in Query Builder;

° Works with Putty generated SSL keys;

° Case sensitivity is supported in SQL DIFF;

° Improved speed in saving and loading dumps with MySQL, PostgreSQL;

° Add/Edit/Drop Privileges per User or per Schema in PostgreSQL.

Valentina Studio is free; Valentina Studio Pro adds SQLDIFF, Report Designer and other advanced features for US$199.