Just about everyone who has used iTunes to import MP3s and CD tracks from other sources onto their Mac has experienced the y “unknown artist/song” or the generic “Track 01, Track 02” icons in their music libraries and music folders.

Sure, you can manually find and enter all the missing information, but Wondershare has solution to simplify the process: TidyMyMusic for Mac. It’s an app for cleaning iTunes music libraries. It uses acoustic fingerprint technology to match up those orphaned MP3 songs with the correct song name, artist information, and genre, and automatically adds the completed information to the songs.

Many users end up with duplicate songs because of generic file names, and TidyMyMusic finds and removes these duplicates. The app also locates, downloads, and updates missing album artwork so the library looks complete and aids in searching visually.

Many users like to view song lyrics so they can have fun and sing along. TidyMyMusic can find and download the lyrics and add them to the music files so the lyrics can be viewed while the song is playing. The entire music library cleanup is automated with batch processing.

TidyMyMusic for Mac is currently available from the Wondershare online web store for US$39. It should be available soon at the Mac App Store too. A demo version is available at Wondershare.com .