Phlo for iOS and Phlo 2.0 for Mac has launched. It’s a tool for searching your favorite websites.

With a few keystrokes, it lets you jump right to the search results for anything that you need to lookup on a site of your choice. Phlo also lets you customize preferred sites or search engines from which to search.

On the Mac, Phlo can be summoned with a configurable global hotkey. To search, a user has to type the search phrase and then hit Tab to choose the website that he’d like to search in. Phlo filters the websites and search engines as the user types and automatically bubbles up the most used sites. For example, a user can type “The Hobbit” and then choose the site “IMDb” to search from and the results will be displayed on their default web browser.

Phlo for Mac syncs with the new iOS version using the free Phlo Sync service. Your search history and saved sites will always be available on all your devices. Phlo for Mac can now suggest searches from your history, as well as from Google and Bings auto-suggestions, making search on your Mac even faster and easier.

Phlo comes loaded with over 30 major search engines, social networks, and other news and info sites, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Wikipedia, Reddit, and more. You can add any search site you like in the iOS app. You can also use the Phlo Assistant browser extension to add search sites with one click as you browse on your desktop. All your sites, along with your history, will sync to all your devices.

Phlo for iOS is available for US$2.99 on the Apple App Store. Phlo for Mac is available for $3.99 on the Mac App Store. For more info go to .