iWALK is now offering its charging solutions with the Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 in the form of the Apple-Certified Link Series and the ultra-thin Chameleon power case. Apple-Certified charging solutions with an integrated Lightning connector include the Link 1000i5, Link 1700i5 and Link 2500i5.
The Link Series is an Apple-certified, pocket-sized docking backup battery with three power levels. All models available in black or white and feature an LED power indicator, overcharge protection and pass-through charging that allows the backup battery and iPhone 5 to charge simultaneously. 
The Chameleon is a slim, high capacity power case with 2000mAh of power for up to nine hours of extra talk time. Available in steel gray or white with an LED power indicator, overcharge protection, pass-through charging and on/off switch to save power when not needed.
iWALK’s new line of charging solutions is available at www.iwalkusa.com, select Sprint stores and retailers nationwide.