KeynotePro has introduced two new themes — Brighton and District for Keynote — as well as expanded support for iOS devices.  

Brighton (pictured) is described as a “curvaceous, deco-evoking Motion-Enhanced theme featuring a sea-side palette.” District is a “modern, print-inspired geometric design including two distinct palettes.”

iOS device support has been expanded with an iOS Quick-Launch feature on . It enables many of the most popular KeynotePro themes to be opened directly within Keynote for iOS without needing to first apply the theme on a Mac.

Brighton and District Standard Editions are available for immediate download for US$24.95 or in a bundle with two other Standard Edition themes for $64.95. Pro Editions contains both Standard and HD themes (800×600 & 1024×768(4:3) standard versions, 1920×1080 and 1280×720(16:9) & 1680×1050(16:10) HD Versions), and are available for $34.95, or in a bundle with 2 other Pro Edition themes for $89.85. Brighton and District are both available for iOS Quick-Launch from within the Accounts area via iOS devices.For more info go to .