FileMaker developer tool specialist, Goya, has announced that they’ve extended their RESTfm product with a web based syncing framework.

RESTfm is a RESTful Web Service application for FileMaker Servers, allowing full access to FileMaker tables and scripts from other apps. The new RESTfmTools showcases all of this functionality by providing working code to build syncing from FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go into your own solutions.

RESTfm supports XML, JSON, FMPXML, html, text and a simple FileMaker format out of the box, and is extensible via XSLT to any other format. Plus, it does full CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) as well as a FileMaker Perform Script option.

RESTfmSync is part of the RESTfmTools package, included with every licence of RESTfm since 2.1.0. All of the code is included and unlocked for developers to extend on their own. As well as RESTfmSync, there is also web form POST functionality, PayPal IPN payment processing and FastSpring product validation.

RESTfm is licensed on a per server basis for US$399 per server. There are no extra licenses for the RESTfmTools code, including RESTfmSync, so no per client license os required for syncing. For more info go to .