Expeditions: Conquistador is now available on Steam for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux platforms for US$19.99. To celebrate the successful release, you can get a 10% discount until June 5.

Here’s how the game is described; “It is the 16th century — an era of intrepid explorers and adventurers. In Expeditions: Conquistador, the player takes on the role of a famous — or infamous — conquistador, landing on the shores of the New World. On the search for gold, fame, and adventure, the player and a few companions venture into regions never before explored by Europeans.

“In single or multiplayer mode, Expeditions: Conquistador offers the opportunity to conquer an unknown continent, or to fight on the side of the indigenous people as they defend their homeland from the invaders. This will require not only tactical skills in battle, but also diplomatic finesse. In Expeditions: Conquistador, the variety of tactical possibilities in turn-based battles, the numerous role-playing elements, and the wide scope for decision making all pose an exciting challenge.”
Further information on Expeditions: Conquistador can be found at: http://conquistadorthegame.com .