Bits&Coffee has released BatchPhoto 3.7, an update of its all-in-one photo manipulation program for Mac and PC that lets photographers, web designers, business people, and families enhance photos. To use you select a group of photographs, and, with a single operation edit, resize, convert, watermark, and rename every image in the group.

BatchPhoto Enterprise takes batch photo editing one step further by completely automating the process. All the user needs to do is to create a “hot folder” for the program to monitor. BatchPhoto can monitor several folders at once, either on the computer, network or FTP sites, and apply custom edits for the newly added or modified images in each one of them.

For example, with BatchPhoto Enterprise the user can transfer hundreds of RAW images from a DSLR digital camera to a “hot folder” and have all the images automatically resized, rotated, watermarked with a logo, renamed, converted to TIFF and uploaded to a site via FTP or to Facebook. All of this without the user´s intervention.

New features in version 3.7 for the Mac include the Enterprise edition with the new Monitor component, improved speed for the annotate filters, updated user interface, and more. It runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher, as well as Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

BatchPhoto comes in three editions: Home, Pro, and Enterprise priced at US$34.95, $59.95, and $149.95, respectively. It can be purchased securely at A free trial version can be downloaded from the same web address.