Quark has announced an extension of the upgrade policy that allows QuarkXPress users on any version — from 3 to 8 — to upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for US$349.

The $349 upgrade price represents a $500 savings for users who choose to upgrade before June 30, 2013. After June 30, 2013, only users on version 8 can upgrade to QuarkXPress 9 for $349. Any users of versions 3 to 7 will need to purchase a full license for $849. For more information about QuarkXPress 9, go to http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPress/ .

To upgrade from any version of QuarkXPress to version 9 for $349, users must have a valid, registered, and activated serial number for QuarkXPress.

Upgrades can be purchased through Quark Authorized Resellers, the Quark Store, and Quark Customer Service. For more information, go to www.quark.com/upgrade .