Here are the latest Apple-related rumors from the blog-o-sphere:

“Riding on rumors of a purported ‘budget’ iPhone, Morgan Stanley on Tuesday released a report estimating that Apple could add nearly $2.4 billion dollars to its handset business and triple its addressable smartphone market in China by debuting a $330 ‘iPhone mini’.” — “AppleInsider” (

“Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times reports [Google translation, via Macotakara] that Apple is lining up suppliers for its next-generation MacBook Air for launch in the third quarter of this year.” — “MacRumors” (

“Apple may increase share buyback at shareholder meeting next week.” — “Macworld UK” (

“A rumor that Google is investigating opening physical retail outlets to compete with the Apple Store has resurfaced, though sources say the internet giant may not move forward with the initiative until 2014.” — “AppleInsider” (