Intego has announced its 2013 line of Mac antivirus and Mac security products. The company says it’s completely redesigned its products with an intuitive, streamlined user experience that requires almost no configuration out of the box, provides helpful notifications and alerts, and is a perfect complement to the Mac OS X platform.

Intego’s antivirus and Mac security products are sold on its website in bundles. The Mac Internet Security Premium 2013 bundle brings together three of Intego’s products to protect you and your data against malware, network attacks, and the loss or theft of your Mac. It includes:

° Virus Barrier 2013, which fights Mac and Windows malware that threaten your security;

° Net Barrier 2013, which keeps strangers and suspicious applications out of your Mac;

° Identity Scrubber: new to Intego’s Mac security product offerings, Identity Scrubber searches for sensitive identity information stored on your computer and protects or deletes it at your command (available in the English language version of Intego Mac Internet Security Premium 2013).
For detailed product descriptions, and to buy Intego’s new 2013 Mac security software, go to: .