Twenty-nine South Korean consumers have decided not to go ahead with their class-action lawsuit against the electronics manufacturer for allegedly violating their privacy with its location tracking feature, says the “Yonhap News Agency” — as reported by “ZDNet” (

In August 2011 South Korea’s communications regulator fined Apple’s local operation 3 million won ($2,830) for what it said was the illegal collection of iPhone user location information. The Korea Communications Commission announced in a statement that it’s ordered Apple Korea to pay the fine for violating the country’s location information laws.

The 29 consumers mentioned above filed their suit in 2011. Each wanted 800,000 won (US$757) in damages after claiming the iPhone’s location recognition feature tracked and stored personal data without their consent. However, they dropped the case due to difficulty in proving that their privacy was actually violated, according to the “Yonhap News Agency.”