IPEVO has released the Perch Security Stand for the iPad. It’s an interactive kiosk solution that offers a lockable mount for the iPad 3 and iPad 2 that prevents the tablet from being removed.

Three different sizes are now available at the IPEVO Online Store (www.ipevo.com). The Perch Security Stand comes in S-Type, intended for desktops and tabletops, M-Type for seated users, and the longest L-Type for standing users. All three feature a forged aluminum leg and heavy-gauge steel feet. They cost US$59, $84 and $127, respectively.

The holder can mount the device in either landscape or portrait orientation, and the viewing angle can be customized with a tug thanks to the holder’s dual-axis hinge.
The security holder also features two locks — one on the neck that prevents the holder from being removed from the stand, and a second lock that prevents the iPad from being removed from the holder.