iHangy (www.ihangy.com) has released the Slip in 5 Case line of protective and fashionable cases, keychains, and secure necklaces, designed specifically to protect and carry the iPhone 5 for quick hands-free accessibility.  

Available in pink, white and black, the Slip in 5 Case provides rubber-coated hard plastic in the exterior and soft cushioning silicone in the interior. It’s available in three versions:

° Slip in 5 Case + Keychain (pictured) for US$29.99. It secures your valuable iPhone 5 to your belt loop, bag strap or backpack. The carabiner clip (similar to the ones used while mountain climbing) attaches to your Slip in 5 Case at one end and forms a connection to your clothing or accessories at the other.  A

° Slip in 5 Case + Necklace ($29.99). You attach the necklace to your favorite colored Slip in 5 Case and then slip it around your neck.

° Slip in 5 Case + Music Necklace ($34.99). It secures your iPhone around your neck. The included earbuds match the “Slip in 5 Case” color, or you can buy more than one in a contrasting hue for playful mix-and-match versatility.