Toddler Lock Designs ( has announced the immediate availability of The b-lock Case for the iPhone.

Designed to allow youngsters to play games and view pictures on an iPhone without risk of accidentally leaving their chosen app, the US$14.99 case offers parents a way to block the smartphone’s Home button at any time. An additional pack of three spare Home Button Guards can also be purchased in black or white at a cost of $8.

It’s built from polycarbonate and available in a variety of colors. The b-lock Case features a Home Button Guard that can be detached from the rear of the case and placed over the iPhone’s Home button to completely disable it when the phone is being used by a child.

Toddler Lock Designs also offers the the Toddler Lock App, a free download from the Apple App Store. It allows children to view pictures and videos on an iPhone without being able to zoom or delete,