Satechi ( has released the US$29.99 X-Pointer mobile presenter and Stylus Touch Pen for the iPhone.  

The X-Pointer is controlled via the X-Presenter app — free at the Apple App Store — giving users the freedom to scroll through PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides and direct the audience’s attention using the included red laser. The X-Presenter app activates the X-Pointer’s red laser ,which is attached to iPhone via the 3.5mm jack.  Additionally, the X-Presenter app can take full control over the computer’s mouse with the app’s Mouse Mode function.

At 1.6 inches in length and weighing only an ounce, the X-Pointer is small enough to be stored almost anywhere. The included Stylus Touch Pen doubles as a storage compartment for the X-Pointer laser when not in use and as a touch-screen navigation tool.  The Stylus Touch Pen also includes a rubber 3.5mm jack to affix the laser and pointer to the iPhone when it’s not being used.