Just when you think you’ve seen just about every type of iDevice accessory, you’re wrong. The Bird Photo Booth (www.birdphotobooth.com) is the world’s first bird feeder that doubles as an iPhone and GoPro photo booth.

A live stream allows you to watch, photograph and video birds in real time so that you can capture that hard-to-find shot and observe birds unnoticed. The Bird Photo Booth was given its wings by entrepreneur and inventor, Bryson Lovett.  

He says he combined his passion for photography, bird-watching and technology forward for the project. You can see a demo video at http://bit.ly/SAeXFv .

The Bird Photo Booth isn’t ready to ship just yet. It’s underway at the KickStarter, a funding platform for creative projects. This project will only be funded if at least US$35,000 is pledged by Tuesday Dec 4, 10:15am (Eastern). You can find out more at http://macte.ch/10Sef .