iLuv Creative Technology ( has announced new line of adapters and cables for Apple’s Lightning connector, which debuted with the iPhone 5. You can find the complete line at the iLuv web site.

With the dock connector change from the 30-pin to the Lightning, all related accessories became obsolete overnight. For the iPhone 5, new iPods, and iPad Mini, brand new accessories will be needed, especially for charging.

“With our line of Lightning cables and adapters, we are able to provide Apple users a way to take full advantage of their new Apple products like the iPhone 5, iPad mini, and new iPods,” says Felix Kim, senior manager of Business Development at iLuv. “Our line of Lightning cables and adapters do more than provide additional connectivity — they have been specifically designed to expand the functionality of the new Apple devices.  The line keeps with the iLuv promise to provide users with the most out of their mobile devices while appealing to the design-conscious, technology users of today.”

Prices for the iLuv Lightning adapters and cable solutions range from US$19.99 to $64.99. They’ll be available in January 2013.