V-MODA (www.V-MODA.com) has released the M-100 headphones. It’s the latest entry in the Crossfade series.

Dual inputs allow the headphones to act as a virtual on-the-go mixer, and patent-pending V-CORK seals allow the listener to perfectly balance the audio, according to V-MODA Chief Visionary Officer Val Kolton. An optional Boom Pro microphone transforms the M-100 into a headset for gamers, podcasters and broadcast professionals. The optional Coil Pro cable with locking mechanism allows extended freedom with an instrument of choice on stage, at home or in the DJ booth.

Kolton says road warriors will revel in novel compact features including the vault-like CliqFold hinge mechanism that folds the M-100 into V-MODA’s famous exoskeleton carrying case. The M-100 includes two detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables, a remastered SpeakEasy microphone cable and an all-new SharePlay cable that allows multiple users to share music and media without extra adapters.

V-MODA continues to allow users to “endorse themselves” by customizing the headphone with its custom shield and laser engraving service that allows users to interchange the metal shields with an array of colors, logos and even their own design.

The Crossfade M-100 will be available in time for the holidays for US$300 in Matte Black Metal, Shadow or White Silver at Amazon.com and fine purveyors of headphones worldwide. For $310 at V-MODA.com, consumers can now pre-order M-100 and receive an extra set of personalized shields and a set of Faders VIP Tuned Earplugs for a limited time.