Griffin Technology has debuted two new Woogie character: Zee and Fee, which the company describes as “fuzzy friends that not only protect iPhone and iPod touch devices, but also come to life thanks to the new Woogie app.”

The app turns them into interactive playmates with funny faces, moods and feelings, and even the ability to communicate with nearby Woogies via Bluetooth. Zee and Fee, designed for kids, house iOS devices behind a soft, see-through plastic window that protects the multi-touch display and provides an opening to plug in a pair of headphones. Five floppy legs position Zee and Fee in your lap or on a table for watching video and playing games.

The new Woogie App is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. It gives Zee and Fee “the biggest personalities in the Griffin Woogie family,” according to the folks at Griffin. Zee and Fee cost US$24.99 each and are available at .