Even though Apple hasn’t even announced an iPad mini, Research and Markets (www.researchandmarkets.com) has revised its forecast of shipments for the rumored device down.

The research group says it seems that the industrial materials company, Nissha, is recently suffering low yield rate as a result of their DITO (double-side ITO) pattering process. Also, panel makerAUO’s iPad mini panel mass production schedule may delay to late August. Apple might have recently increased Foxconn’s assembly allocation rate up to 50%. Research and Markets says:

° It’s expecting iPad mini touch panel supply to have potential constraint due to Nissha’s low yield rate issue.

° AUO is likely to delay iPad mini panel volume production schedule to August due to a mura issue.

° Pegatron and Foxconn are projected to supply total 6-8 million units of iPad mini in 2012.