Archiware, a provider of multi-platform data backup solutions, has opened its developer lab and released its first free product for the enterprise: WingFS (the FS is for “file system”).

It’s a software tool to help professionals manage their files among multiple cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Storage, FTP and SFTP. WingFS allows cloud storage services to behave like a local volume mounted on the desktop. This provides professionals with an efficient and unified way to manage disparate cloud services and technologies either in combination or individually, according to Archiware CEO Josef Doods.

Initially available for Mac users, WingFS, supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, FTP, and SFTP.  Files can be dragged to and from as well as in-between cloud services.

The free download is available on . Archiware is also developing additional versions for Windows and Linux and will be adding  compatibility with other popular cloud services.