What’s more painful than getting a root canal, breaking a bone or getting in a minor car accident? The answer, according to a survey of more than 1,300 iPad owners, is breaking their iPad.

The survey, conducted by online and mobile presentation company, Brainshark (www.brainshark.com) shows that iPad users would find accidentally destroying their iPad more painful than: getting in a minor car accident (40%); having a root canal (32%); breaking their nose (16%); getting fired from their job (10%).

Brainshark’s survey, conducted in August, shows just how quickly and deeply entrenched the iPad has become in its users’ personal and professional lives. For example, 92% of iPad owners say the device currently supplements their laptop, but more than half (51%) think it will be their primary computing device within the next two years.

With 17 million iPads — more than double the population of New York City — sold last quarter alone, the device isn’t just part of the technology landscape, but part of the everyday landscape and culture as well. Brainshark says that iPad owners report taking and using their devices just about everywhere, including (you may want to cover your eyes for this!): naked (34%); on the toilet (60%); in the tub (21%); while walking … and bumped into someone (24%); on vacation (92%); in a plane (735); and at a client meeting (47%).

The multiple benefits the iPad brings are, no doubt, key contributors to its ubiquity. iPad owners say they appreciate the device’s portability (88%), ability to turn on instantly (77%), apps (72%) and ability to keep owners accessible (58%). Forty-three percent even say they benefit from using their iPad as a “pacifier” with their kids. In addition, more than one-in-four (27%) described the iPad as, quite simply, a piece of art.

In addition to accomplishing users’ computing needs, the iPad is — more and more — being viewed as a replacement device. More than two-thirds (67%) of iPad owners say the device has replaced books for them; others cite how it has replaced their TV (31%), camera (31%), video camera (24%), GPS (32%) and MP3 player (51%).

Perhaps given all the iPad accomplishes for them, owners are adamant about its value. More than one-third (34%) would rather shut off their air conditioning – and 42% would brave a winter day without heat – rather than shut off their iPad. In addition, iPad owners say they’d rather lose the following items than lose their iPad: license (42%); wedding ring (20%); credit card or ATM card (46% and 45%, respectively); and wallet (27%).