Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

MaxNick has announced Turn ‘N’ Run HD 1.0 for iOS. It’s a US$1.99, 3D platformer that allows players to get a 360-degree view on the action. Players guide an alien as he walks or jumps between floating platforms, collecting gems on the way back to his rocket ship. There is no jump control. Rather, he can only move to a platform that is directly adjacent, as seen in a 2D front view.

UbiNuri has released Cardio Lie Detector. The $0.99 app purportedly measures heart rates and compares it to the at rest heart-rate, telling users the probability that the person is lying.

Protonic Service has introduced Video Traffic Recorder. The free app is for recording video and GPS logs for traveling. Users make sure they have everything on tape in case something happens.

RWH Technology has unveiled Speech Cards Professional 1.0. It’s a $0.99 flashcards app for improving the speech and language skills of people of all ages. It features customizable text, pictures and audio, a microphone to record your student speaking, integrated scoring and reporting system to track the progress of your students, and has the ability to import/export so you can share cards with your friends and colleagues.

GenZplay has driven out Big Cat Race. The $2.99 app is designed to allow kids to have the interactive fun of a video game combined with outdoor exercise. Players pick a cat and race against two other cats, through obstacles, over hills and earn prizes.

Tecnosof has published Mygazine Daily 1.0 for the iPad. The $4.99 app creates a customized, daily magazine featuring news stories, photos, and video from more than 2,000 major online news sites.

Netox Mobile has unleashed Bull Rush 1.0. In the $0.99 game your task is to help the bull run to his dear cow. You have to make your way through fancy levels, jump over some tricky obstacles and collect various gems that will make the cow happy at the end of each level.