WatchDox, a provider of access and collaboration solutions, has released its software development kit (SDK) for the iOS platform.

The WatchDox iOS SDK enables businesses to integrate the WatchDox mobile document collaboration platform with their own custom iPhone and iPad apps. This creates a secure, native mobile experience that offers a seamless solution for accessing, sharing, collaborating and syncing documents remotely, in addition to optimizing documents for viewing and collaborating on the iOS platform, according to Ryan Kalember, chief product officer at WatchDox.

The WatchDox iOS SDK enables organizations to combine existing mobile applications with WatchDox functionality to create a fully branded app with document sending, sharing and syncing functionality. It provides a full or partial module-based integration of WatchDox components.

The server-side components of the WatchDox platform can be deployed via a cloud service or as an on-premise virtual appliance. Email to request the WatchDox iOS SDK.