Following the news surrounding the release of the Nokia Lumia 920, the latest phone proposed to run the Windows 8 platform, CouponCodes4U (, a coupon code website, conducted an online survey to discover whether the Lumia 920 has what it takes to break Apple and Samsung’s hold on the cellular phone market. Apparently, it doesn’t.
The study, which formed part of research into consumer buying trends and brand loyalty, surveyed 2,371 Americans aged 18-35. All survey participants specified that they had at least one smartphone, which was used on a daily basis for work or personal tasks.

Respondents were initially asked what type of Smartphone they owned, with 39% saying an iPhone. In contrast, 31% said they owned an Android platform phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and 29% of users said they owned a Blackberry device.

According to the research, the majority of respondents liked the look of the new Nokia Lumia 920, with 65% admitting that they were “impressed” with the released specifications. Furthermore, 87% of respondents admitted that the new model seemed to be “a big improvement” on past Nokia phones.

However, when asked whether or not they were interested enough to leave their current cell phone contract to switch brands to the new Nokia phone, 52% of respondents said “no,” while 35% said “yes.” The remaining 13% of respondents said that might be interested in switching phones, but only if the “price was right.”