PQ Media (www.pqmedia.com), which specializes in emerging media research and analytics, and uberVU (www.ubervu.com), a social marketing platform for real-time end-to-end social media audience measurement, have released the “uberVU Leading Social Brand Report,” an industry report to provide monthly tracking of social media conversations for leading brands by product category.

The report created and developed by PQ Media uses real-time uberVU data for the month of July to rank the Top 100 social brands and Top 10 product categories by social media impressions. According to uberVU data, 10.6 billion total social media brand impressions were generated by the Top 100 brands in July, with global media mentions split 44% U.S. and 56% Rest-of-World.

In a global blow out, Coke was the #1 social media brand with 1.4 billion impressions outperforming #2 Apple by 719 million impressions. Coke social media mentions split 13% U.S. and 87% Rest-of-World, while Apple mentions split 28% U.S. and 72% RoW. Rounding out the remaining uberVU Top 10 Social Media Brands for July were one beverage (Sprite), one retailer (Amazon), three consumer technology brands (Google, Microsoft, Samsung), and three restaThe

The Consumer Technology category edged out 1st place with 2.6 billion social media impressions, followed closely by Beverages with 2.5 billion, and Restaurants with 2.4 billion. Automakers, with more than 1 billion fewer impressions, took 4th place. Global media mentions varied for each of the Top 4 social media product categories, i.e. Consumer Technology U.S. 50%, RoW 50%; Beverages U.S. 34%, RoW 66%; Restaurants U.S. 45%, RoW 55%; Automakers U.S. 39%, RoW 61%.urants (Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks).