LaunchPort has announced the AP.3 magnetic sleeve for the new iPad and iPad 2. It’s available for US$149 in gloss white or black. The sleeve, wall station and base station are sold separately and will be available online at .

The AP.3 Sleeve fits snugly onto your iPad, allowing you to magnetically mount it to teh LaunchPort’s base station and wall system, as well as most metallic surfaces such as refrigerators or work benches. The inductive charging system begins working as soon as the AP.3 sleeve is connected to a Wall Station or Base Station.

LaunchPort’s cable-free mounting and charging solution for the iPad eliminates the need for disorderly wires and plugs while also keeping the iPad accessible, fully-charged and mounted in an ideal angle and location at all times, says Derick Dahl, LaunchPort product manager. The AP.3 Sleeve is ergonomically designed with comfortable hand grips on each side, he adds.