Samsung will appeal, but Apple has won a major victory over Samsung in its major patent trial. The jury, after three days of deliberations in the U.S. District Court trial in San Jose, awarded Apple more than US$1 billion after finding that Samsung had infringed on six patents by copying the look and feel of its mobile devices.

Here’s some of the major points from the trial:

° “The jury found, for instance, that Samsung used Apple’s patented pinch-and-zoom technology, which allows users to make objects on the screen bigger or smaller with a flick of their fingers. It also found that Samsung infringed on Apple’s bounce-back patent, an effect that occurs when a user attempts to scroll beyond the edge of an image or text box.” — “Los Angeles times” (

“Following Apple’s big win in U.S. court today against Samsung, Apple CEO has sent a memo response to Apple corporate employees. The statement is reminiscent of Apple PR head Katie Cotton’s statement from earlier today, but adds some other new, personal touches as Apple’s CEO (who celebrates one year on the job today).” — “9to5Mac” (

“Now that the verdict has been handed down in the Apple/Samsung patent trial, Apple has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s infringing devices, according to Engadget. Apple is expected to claim that the continued sales of these devices will cause irreparable harm to the Cupertino company and ask the court to ban their sale in the US.” — “TUAW” (

“Samsung Electronics Co. may need to delay introducing new mobile devices so it can make design changes after a U.S. jury ruled that the world’s top maker of smartphones infringed Apple Inc. patents.” — “Business Insider” (

“Samsung will undoubtedly try to convince Judge Koh that the jury should be overruled, and I wouldn’t rule out minor adjustments by the judge, but all in all, this liability finding is going to stand and the appeals court will also treat it with significant deference. After Judge Koh’s order on Samsung’s motion to overrule the jury, ” — “FOSS Patents” (

“Apple Inc.’s huge coup Friday in its closely watched patent suit against Samsung could have an impact on the future development of smartphone software, especially on Google Inc.’s Android operating system.” — “MarketWatch” (

“Judge Lucy Koh said Friday that there were inconsistencies in the jury verdict that found Samsung infringed several Apple patents and awarded more than $1 billion in damages. There are at least two problems with the verdict, Koh said. For the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE, the jury found no infringement or inducement but awarded damages. On another count, the jury found no infringement of Apple’s utility patents but found inducement of infringement, a combination not possible according to Koh’s jury instructions.” — “AllThingsD” (

“Samsung is probably still reeling over a jury’s decision to award Apple more than $1 billion in damages over infringed patents, but it says the real loser today is the public. The South Korean company said in a statement that the verdict means less innovation from manufacturers — something that should make consumers fearful” — “CNET” (