Gomite has introduced the US$14.95 tiltpod, a small, quick-connect tripod. It’s available for compact cameras or mobile devices such as the iPhone.

The tiltpod functions as a tripod on the go, allowing you to connect your camera or camera phone and take pictures hands-free. With a “grippy” underside, it’s purportedly able to grip virtually any surface. It’s small enough to fit on a keyring.

The tiltpod is available in two different models, including the classic tiltpod for compact cameras and the tiltpod mobile for the iPhone 4/4S. The tiltpod for compact cameras features a magnetic base that can connect to magnetic tripod balls on most cameras. With a compact design that can attach to an included camera wrist strap, the tiltpod functions as “pocketable” camera support.

The tiltpod mobile performs essentially the same function for the iPhone 4/4S. Featuring a grippy magnetic base, the tiltpod mobile can snap in and support the Apple smartphone to take pictures, watch movies, FaceTime or let you go hands free.