Senomix Software. has released Senomix Timesheets, a “software as a service” solution for their time and expense tracking system. It blends features of desktop software and cloud-based web apps.

Senomix Timesheets runs directly from a user’s Mac, Windows or Linux PC and connects all staff together to a central, cloud-based internet server regardless of whether they’re located in the same building or operating from satellite offices around the world. Timesheets works with Microsoft Excel to enable managers to create reports in a spreadsheet workspace.

Senomix Timesheets is available through a hosted service from US$9.50 per-user per-month, or can be installed on a customer’s own office network as a stand-alone system with a one-time server licensing charge. Both options can be purchased online through the Senomix web site (, with a 30-day free trial available for immediate use.