Immunity Studios has debuted Ninja Guy 1.0 for Mac OS X (10.6.6 or higher). It’s available an an introductory price of US$0.99 D (normally $2.99), and it is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Games category.

Here’s how the game is described: “Ninja Guy is a Mac version of theiOS game where players become Ninja Guy, an arrogant Ninja assassin, last student of the Holy Cow Sensei. Ever ready with a quick verbal taunt or a dose of cheesy and dim-witted Ninja wisdom, the hero battles many foes and epic bosses in this 1-player action game. Comical dialogue is central to the experience, and it is a fast-paced game for those ready to enter a bizarre and funny storyline to prove their Ninjaness.

“In its graphics & animation, game physics, and controls Ninja Guy is a console-like, action adventure game that allows players to battle up to 60 enemies simultaneously. According to Mel Georgiou of Immunity Studios, “Ninja Guy for OS X has been designed to merge console-like gameplay and depth with the simplicity of casual titles.”

“The game has been optimized for use with joypads, but also provides great gameplay using the keyboard and mouse. Players have the ability to engage enemies with a large array of attacks. As Ninja Guy lays waste to his enemies, he generates Ninja Focus, which enables him to use special attacks, such as the Kamikaze, Whirlwind and Ground Breaker. The gameplay is fast, action based, and keeps the player entertained with the funny and bizarre story of the Ninjaverse. Hundreds of enemies can be killed in less than a minute.

“The game has an Arena mode and a Story mode. The Story mode allows gamers to engage in an ongoing campaign. The game comes with two episodes. The first episode contains a single level, the Ninja Dojo, and is designed purely to introduce the user to the fundamentals of gameplay. The second episode, Rise of Ninja Guy, is where the story really kicks off, with the ultimate goal of defeating a gargantuan Minotaur and players finally earning their Ninjaness. The Arenas allow Ninjas to test their skills and see how many enemies they can defeat in a set time.”