Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Internal configuration files in Mountain Lion make apparent references to yet-unreleased new generations of Apple’s iMac (iMac13,0) and Mac Pro (MacPro6,0), both in the context of USB booting options that indicate the new Mac desktops could, for the first time in nearly 20 years, lack built-in optical drives.” — “AppleInsider” (

“One of the factors that kept an LTE ‘4G’ radio out of the iPhone 4S was the compromise of the battery-draining next-generation cellular data transceiver. As many ‘4G’ phone owners know, the advanced technology requires a lot of power, even when not in active use. Purported next-iPhone batteries seen in photos and sporting slightly higher specifications than existing iPhone batteries may, if accurate, suggest that Apple has overcome the LTE issue with a modest compromise.” — “MacNN” (

“If a battery component leaked to 9to5Mac today is legitimate, it indicates that the next iPhone model will be both thinner and capable of supporting an LTE chip.” — “The Next Web” (

“A new feature in iOS 6 will allow apps having trouble with WiFi to switch to cellular data until the WiFi problems have been resolved.” — “Macworld UK” (

“Exactly one month ago, we noted the presence of a ‘MacBookPro10,2’ entry in the Geekbench results database, suggesting that a 13-inch version of the Retina MacBook Pro is indeed in the works, as has been rumored for October. In comparison, the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro carries a “MacBookPro10,1″ identifier, while current non-Retina versions of the MacBook Pro carry ‘MacBookPro9,x’ identifiers.” — “MacRumors” (