A month ago, the folks at iFixIt called the MacBook Pro with Retina display “the least repairable laptop we’ve taken apart.” But that hasn’t stopped them from writing the repair manual for the 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina display.

You can find it at http://macte.ch/hiBJr .Many components within the laptop can be removed without much fuss, provided folks use the correct tools. Pentalobe screws hold the lower case in place and Torx screws secure everything else. Spudgers and plastic opening tools are absolutely necessary, as many of the components are designed with such tight tolerances that using fingertips is simply not an option.

Fair warning: working on the laptop is no easy task. Some repairs are simply infeasible. For example, there’s no way to replace the trackpad without removing the battery. And while it’s possible to remove the battery, chances are high that it will be punctured in the process. Puncturing Lithium-polymer batteries releases noxious fumes and can cause fires. Additionally, removing the LCD glass from the aluminum frame will almost certainly break the glass. So components residing under the LCD — such as the FaceTime camera — will have to be replaced with the entire assembly.

“Finding replacements for the machine’s proprietary components is currently difficult,” says iFixIt CEO Kyle Wiens. “We’re working to source parts, but it may take some time.”

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