FreedomPop (, a free social wireless broadband Internet company, is launching limited pre-sales for its new iPod touch 4G Sleeve.

The FreedomPop 4G iPod Sleeve snaps on to any iPod touch and enables a connection to FreedomPop’s high-speed 4G network, essentially turning the iPod into an iPhone. With free high-speed 4G connections, the iPod can stream videos, make calls, become a personal hotspot, and connect to Wi-Fi anywhere FreedomPop’s 4G network exists, according to FreedomPop Chief Operating Officer OO Steven Sesar.

The new iPod Touch 4G Sleeve also turns your iPod into a wireless hotspot, allowing up to eight additional devices to connect to it, he adds. With the FreedomFriends Plan, users will have up to 1GB of free broadband, with an initial minimum of 500MB plus an additional 10MB per friend up to 1GB free.  In addition, FreedomPop will allow heavier data users to earn up to 5 GB free by engaging in partner offers and promotions. FreedomPop is accepting pre-orders at .