CROON Audio ( has debuted its first speaker, The Original sound system. Through the one-touch pairing procedure, it connects with Bluetooth devices.

It merges modern electronics with wood craftsmanship into a 10.5 x 8 x 3.5 inch speaker. The housing of the speaker is made from 8mm MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard) manufactured wood that purportedly allows for VLD (Very Low Distortion) technology when listening to music at a high volume. The Original’s speaker features two 2.5-inch forward facing Full Range Drivers which have been matched to an acoustic amplifier allowing 15 watts per channel and a Class D amp.

The Original will reproduce music wirelessly from any device with Bluetooth or directly through the 3.5 mm connection so it can be used as an external speaker system for an iPad, Kindle, a laptop computer, electric guitar and more. Users can control the speaker’s functionality with their connected touch screen device.

The Original collection is now available online in a variety of colors like standard Original Black for $199.99. Another option is Grey Agent or premium White on White for $229.99. Finally, there’s a limited edition Lady in Red option for $234.99.