When it comes to users whose net worth is more than US$100,000, the iPhone and iPad remain the phone and tablet of choice, respectively. And for the most part, Apple’s market share only increases the higher up the asset scale you look, according to a report from the Spectrem Group (http://www.spectrem.com/), a research firm that specializes in the affluent and retirement markets.

The report — as noted by the “L.A. Times” (http://macte.ch/6OogD) — says that among what the Spectrem Group categorizes as “mass affluent investors,” defined as those whose net worth exceeds $100,000 excluding their primary residence, 46% own an iPhone. The Android comes in at 34%. The market share for Apple is higher among tablets, where the iPad is owned by 53% of the group, as opposed to the Kindle Fire, owned by just 16%.

Raise the bar to $1 million and the iPhone’s share goes up to 48% of the market. In this income bracket, the iPad has 61%. The Kindle Fire drops a point as well.

According to the Spectrem Group report, among those whose net worth is at least $5 million, the iPhone jumps to 59% market share. Strangely, the same doesn’t hold true for the iPad. At this level, its share falls to 57%.