Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Though concrete evidence of Apple’s long-rumored foray into the Smart TV business largely boils down to a one-off comment made by the company’s late co-founder shortly before his passing last year, several established TV makers are taking no chances and are reportedly scurrying to form alliances with one another to help defend their turf from the booming tech giant.” — “AppleInsider”

“The current developer’s edition of iOS 6 restricts the number of apps you can run on your device. But the threshold is high, and a fix is on the horizon.” — “CNET” (

“The build-up to the Apple v. Samsung trial scheduled to start in ten days from today hasn’t gone too well for the Korean electronics maker as far as pre-trial decisions by Judge Lucy Koh on different motions and issues are concerned. Judge Koh just entered a supplemental claim construction order. Samsung requested it, but the outcome completely favors Apple.” — “FOSS Patents” (