Akvis has released Akvis MultiBrush 6.0, an update to its photo retouching software that’s available as a standalone application, as well as a plug-in on Mac and Windows systems. Version 6.0 adds new options to the Clone Stamp, compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS6, and other improvements.

Akvis MultiBrush is an all-in-one photo enhancement and portrait retouching solution. Its collection of healing and enhancement brushes, and cloning and stamping tools are designed to help artists, photographers and home users enhance portraits, retouch image flows and remove unwanted objects from digital pictures. MultiBrush can remove wrinkles, scars and scratches, and can can enhance imperfect skin in portraits. Dust, spots, and stains can be masked and removed.

Akvis offers a fully functional, 10-day trial version (http://Akvis.com/en/multibrush/) of MultiBrush 6.0. Users who own old versions of the product can upgrade to version 6.0 for free.

MultiBrush v.6.0 is available for purchase with a home license for two computers (US$49), home deluxe license ($65) and business license ($89).