A “Fortune” magazine panel of 61 analysts — 27 from Wall Street, 34 independents — are predicting continuing growth of Mac sales. Of the group, 59 of the 61 are looking for Mac sales to beat the 3.95 million sales Apple racked up in the June quarter last year, “and most expect Apple to do it quite handily.”

The lowest estimate — 3.6 million Macs — was submitted by Paul Reina of the independent Braeburn Group. The second-highest estimate — 5.17 million — was put forward by Merrill Lynch’s Scott Craig. Averaging the estimates of all 61 analysts there’s a consensus of 4.49 million units (up 13.6% year over year).

Nearly everyone polled by “Fortune” believes that when Apple reports its third quarter fiscal results in two weeks, Mac sales will have outpaced the market for the 25th quarter in a row. Read more at http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2012/07/13/mac-set-to-outgrow-the-windows-market-for-25th-quarter-in-a-row/