InfoLogic has introduced MathMagic 8.0 Lite for Mac OS X. It’s the first free app in their suite of award-winning equation editors for the Mac.

MathMagic Lite offers hundreds of mathematical expressions and symbols, reads LaTeX and MathML, and saves in a variety formats. The app includes a streamlined interface designed to help general users focus more easily on equation writing.

MathMagic Lite reads various Math formats including MathML, LaTeX, Plain TeX, Wiki equations, MathJax, and MathType, just like the paid version of MathMagic Personal and MathMagic Pro. It also reads all MathMagic Personal and MathMagic Pro created equation formats such as PDF, EPS, PICT, PNG, WMF, Math Speech, and more.

MathMagic Lite for Mac can save or copy expressions in PDF, PNG, and PICT formats, so equations can be used by many other applications and documents, such as: iWork Pages, Keynote, iBooks Author, Illustrator, web design apps, and more. MathMagic Lite can read out math expressions aloud via Text-To-Speech or in a text based sentence

MathMagic Lite requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later. It’s free and available for download from the MathMagic website (