SRS Labs has announced the availability of Audio Essentials for Mac, a software suite of high-performance audio processing solutions designed “to give any Mac computer the ability to fill a room with powerful, HD-quality sound.”

Loaded with a complete assortment of fully customizable SRS audio enhancement solutions, SRS Audio Essentials for Mac works with the entire Mac audio system, giving users full control of their entire audio experience, regardless of where they source content from, says Allen H. Gharapetian, senior vice president of Marketing for SRS Labs.

Working in conjunction with the entire Mac audio system, any content played on the Mac, including content streamed and downloaded, will be enhanced with SRS’ patented psychoacoustic technologies to not only deliver an incredibly lifelike, immersive audio experience, but to also compensate for the physical limitations that impact audio performance that are inherent with majority of today’s ultra slim notebook and all-in-one desktop designs, he adds. Gharapetian saysAudio Essentials takes into account multiple variables when processing audio, including the type of content being played, size and number of speakers, style of headphones being used and the content source.

It then mixes in the optimal amount of psychoacoustic processing, bass enhancement, sound field expansion and vocal intelligibility solutions for that specific mix. Available as a limited-feature free trial (, users can unlock the software’s full feature set via a one-time paid upgrade of US$29.99.