Studio Six Digital ( has announced iTestMic, an iOS test and measurement accessory that transforms an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a test and measurement platform when combined with the AudioTools app.

AudioTools provides SPL meters, speaker polarity, RTA, FFT and other audio system analysis tools. Applications include home theater speaker and subwoofer setup, live audio sound system EQ and monitoring, audio system calibration in house-of-worship, and automotive sound system setup.

iTestMic plugs into the 30-pin dock connector, and communicates to the iOS device using digital audio, avoiding the marginal cell-phone mic and extreme voice filtering that Apple “does not let us bypass, even with the headset jack,” says Studio Six Digital President Andrew Smith. With iTestMic, you get flat 20-20kHz +/-3dB response, low self-noise and the ability to measure from 27 to 120 dBA SPL, with an omni pickup pattern, he adds.

The iTestMic will ship next month and be available exclusively from AudioControl Industrial ( for US$199.99.