Liquidmetal Technologies announced in a Securities & Exchange Commisson filing — as reported by “MacRumors” ( — that it has extended its agreement with Apple to effectively license its ongoing intellectual property development for an additional two years.

The agreement, which is funneled through a subsidiary known as Crucible Intellectual Property, provides Apple with a full license to all of Liquidmetal’s intellectual property for commercialization in consumer electronics, the article adds. The original deal required that Liquidmetal submit all of its intellectual property discoveries to the subsidiary through February 5, 2012, but the new amendment effective as of last Friday extends the agreement through February 5, 2014, notes “MacRumors.”

In 2010, it was found announced that Apple struck a deal with Liquidmetal Technologies (, a California-based company that holds patents on new metal and alloy designs, for essentially access to all of its intellectual property.

According to the LiqudMetal Tech web site, its alloys are a” revolutionary class of materials that redefines performance and cost paradigms.” The superior properties of Liquidmetal alloys are made possible by revolutionary scientific and technological innovations, the company says.

The allows have an “amorphous” atomic structure, which is unprecedented for structural metals. Also, they include a multi-component chemical composition, which can be optimized for various properties and processes. Finally, they lend themselves to process technology similar to that possessed by plastics.