newMacgadgets has introduced the iPhone 4 Security Base, an US$49.99 solution designed to display the iPhone in a secure environment while replicating the Apple store look.

Similar in design to the acrylic bases that you see at the Apple store, it allows you to secure the iPhone 4 for retail and business applications where security is a concern. Applications include retail stores, business presentations, trade shows, schools and other open environments.

The iPhone 4 Security Base is constructed from one-inch, clear acrylic. Slots are provided for the charging cord, earphones and manual on/off button.

The iPhone 4 Security Base mounts to any hard surface with the included screws or adhesive strips. The iPhone is held under a clear frame and secures with Torx tamper-proof screws. The frame provides full access to the iPhone’s touch screen. Each base comes with two frames, one with a home button guard and one without. For more info go to .